A destination wedding is a fun way to celebrate one of the most important events in your life. It can be a lot of planning and coordinating, but in the end, well worth the time and effort. Before you decide to plan your wedding at another location with a destination wedding travel agency in Overland Park, it’s good to know some helpful tips on how to prepare for your big day.

Let’s Start with When!

You will have to do some research in the area in which you hope to get married. Understanding the weather or climate during the month of your wedding is a very important piece of planning. Make sure you’re prepared for things that we don’t experience in the Midwest, like hurricanes and the rainy season. Nothing is worse than having all your friends and family arrive at a tropical destination in the middle of a hurricane.

It’s also a good idea to try to avoid heavily toured areas and times of the year where tourists might make areas extra crowded. Your travel agent in Overland Park can help you nail down some of these details to make sure you pick the perfect time.

How To Plan for Your Guest with an Overland Park Travel Agency

Accommodating your guests and communicating your expectations can be tricky for some people. It might be difficult to tactfully communicate that there is a big financial expectation if you come to the wedding. It’s important to communicate this upfront when you first meet with people on the guest list. This way, there is no mix-up on what guests are and are not expected to pay for.

With the first save-the-date notice, make sure and tell your guests the details approximately 12 months in advance. You can provide some suggested hotels and airlines that fly to your destination wedding location.

Communication upfront makes it clear to your guests and will help them book their travel arrangements. It’s also customary to book a lot of rooms, so include instructions that the guests can use to call ahead and reserve their specific room. These are all very important in the process of planning a wedding with a destination wedding travel agent in Overland Park.

Destination Wedding Travel Agency In Overland Park

Should I Have a Registry or Accept Gifts?

The norm tends to be that if you are expecting your guests to pay for flights, hotel, food, time off work, and other expenses, you mention that their presence is the gift you would like. This way, you don’t have to transport gifts on airlines, and it also makes your wedding more accessible to all your guests financially.

If you do opt for a gift registry, make sure and note to your guest to have their gifts shipped or dropped off directly at your house to avoid paying airline fees for the way home. You can also set up a donation website to benefit your honeymoon, for example, to make it easier in the case of a destination wedding.

Destination Wedding Travel Agency In Overland Park

At Destination Fun Travel, a premier destination wedding travel agency in Overland Park, we understand all the little details it takes to plan a destination wedding. We can be a tremendous source of information for you, as we have first-hand knowledge about popular destination wedding locations and all the planning necessary to pull off the trip you’ve always wanted.

Give us a call at (913) 244-4343 or visit our website to get a quote! Our travel agents in Overland Park look forward to helping you plan your dream wedding.