Couples Travel Agency in Kansas City: 13 Activities Available in Cape Town, South Africa–The Aerial Cableway of Table Mountain–Destination Fun Travel, a couples travel agency in Kansas City, recommends Table Mountain, which looms over Cape Town’s exquisite waterfront, long sandy beaches, and colonial buildings and is largely responsible for the city’s beauty. Any city on earth is framed by the majestic Table Mountain, and riding the aerial tramway to the summit offers a bird’s eye perspective of the surrounding area. Hiking up or abseiling down are just two of the exciting things you can do after riding the cable car to the top!

A luxury travel agency in Kansas City says to purchase a hop-on, hop-off tour of Cape Town in addition to your cable car ticket. With this flexible ticket that is good for 14 days from the date of purchase, take the bus straight to Table Mountain. Given how erratic the weather can be on Table Mountain, this is imperative.

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The Island of Robben

As a respected couples travel agency in Kansas City, we recommend when visiting Cape Town, make sure to visit Robben Island, where Nelson Mandela spent 27 years in prison. The thirty-minute boat ride got me to thinking about how little hope the prisoners must have had when they were brought to isolation in the middle of icy waters full of sharks.

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The Cell of Nelson Mandela

Our couples travel agency in Kansas City recommends Nelson Mandela’s small cell in the wing with the highest level of security, the quarry where he toiled away with simple tools and held his secret meetings, and the yard where he walked outside to breathe clean air.

Take a sandboarding excursion

Unbeknownst to many, Cape Town boasts some enormous sand dunes located directly outside the city. As a top couples travel agency in Kansas City, we recommends Sandboarding Cape Town. They will come to your location in the city center, drive you to the dunes, and take care of all your needs. No prior experience is necessary.

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Cape Town’s Best Money-Saving Advice

City Pass for Cape Town: You can save up to 50% on tours, attractions, and landmarks in Cape Town. As a top luxury travel agency in Kansas City, DFT says to purchase the official City Pass. Additionally, you can get quick access to some of Cape Town’s most popular tourist destinations.


Take a Parachute Off Lions’Couples Travel Agency in Kansas City Head

Cape Town, South Africa, is the best place on earth to go paragliding. Don’t forget to allow yourself a few days to complete it. When departing from Lions Head, the wind might be erratic.

Our luxury travel agency in Kansas City says for amazing views of Table Mountain, the city of Cape Town, Camp’s Bay Beach, and Clifton Beach, plan a sunset hike to Lion’s Head.

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Dining at Clifton Beach Restaurant

Our couples travel agency in Kansas City recommends making sure to have dinner by driving out to Clifton Beach. Surfers congregate on the sandy shore of this adorable little community. Clifton Beach is a nice place to shop and observe people.

This is Cape Town’s wealthy neighborhood and a haven for beach lovers. You really have a choice among the four fantastic beaches in the area.

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Museum of District Six

A luxury travel agent in Kansas City might recommend an eye-opening experience: a visit to the District Six Museum to learn more about Cape Town’s apartheid past. In remembrance of the 60,000 residents who were forcibly removed and moved to the Townships, the South African government demolished District Six, a neighborhood, in the 1960s.

All non-white residents were forced out of this coveted neighborhood by the segregating group areas act to make room for white residents.

Since its 1994 opening, the museum has housed handwritten letters and old photos from its residents. The cruelty of the apartheid era is brought to light, and reparations are still in progress.

As one of the premier luxury vacation services in Kansas City, DFT wants you to understand that to gain a comprehensive understanding of the community and District Six, schedule a Townships Tour and hear firsthand accounts of the forcible relocation.

The tour includes visits to three distinct townships, including South Africa’s oldest formal township, Langa. In addition, a beer tasting is included, and you get to know local business owners who are reviving Cape Town’s townships.

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Cape Town’s Townships

Our couples travel agency in Kansas City recommends investigating the Townships is a worthwhile tour to do in conjunction with the District Six Museum.

Since we visited Cape Town for the first time in 2008, township tours have advanced significantly. They are an excellent way to learn about the rich history and culture of the coal community and to support it.

It is very personal, but I believe that taking an ethical tour that helps the community is a great way to learn about the lives of regular people in Cape Town and also give back.

Take a half-day tour of the Cape Town Townships with a personal guide to learn about daily life there. See the Geglethu Township Guglethu Seven Memorial, which honors the seven young activists who passed away on March 3, 1986.Couples Travel Agency in Kansas City

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Drive to Chapman’s Peak

As a reputable group travel agency in Kansas City, we think a group may be thrilled to travel along one of the world’s most picturesque highways on your way to Boulder’s Beach. In Cape Town, rent a car and drive up Chapman’s Peak if you feel comfortable doing so. This famous stretch of road is situated not far from Cape Town.

Our couples travel agency in Kansas City recommends after departing from Cape Town, take the M63 to Hout Bay, where the journey starts, and continue along the breathtaking coast all the way to Noordhoek. I understand why this toll highway appears in so many movies and TV shows. A two-lane highway is carved into the side of the massive cliffs that plunge into the ocean. The drive is exhilarating and breathtaking.

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The Bay of Kalk

This Cape Town suburb is now a hip place to go seafood sampling, according to an experienced destination wedding travel agency in Kansas City. It’s also a great spot for antique shopping. When Forbes listed it as one of the world’s coolest neighborhoods in 2018, it became more well-known. It’s a mix of a bustling arts district and a tranquil fishing village. Take in the food, swim in the Dalebrook Tidal Pool, observe seals relaxing on the pier, or see a dinner theater performance in the historic Dutch Reformed Church.

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Go on a Helicopter Adventure

Our couples travel agency in Kansas City recommends taking helicopter tours. Nothing compares to seeing a gorgeous city from above when it comes to capturing its breathtaking beauty. One of the cities that demands an aerial perspective is Cape Town. This is a tour you won’t soon forget, with stops along the amazing coast, Table Mountain, the Atlantic Ocean, and the V&A Waterfront.

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Enjoy a meal at 12 Apostle

In South Africa, a wedding travel agency in Kansas City like DFT thinks you may develop a deep affection for the Red Carnation hotel chain. And the twelve apostles delivered the opulent experience we have become accustomed to. Join them for afternoon tea or try a wine pairing dinner featuring wines from their own South African estate wines. Situated between Table Mountain and the Twelve Apostles Mountain range, it overlooks the Atlantic Ocean from its location in Camps Bay.

Take a leisurely stroll down Long Street

Our couples travel agency in Kansas City recommends seeing the thoroughfare through Cape Town and the CBD is Long Street (Central Business District). It is the hub of Cape Town’s nightlife, featuring restaurants, bars, and rooftop lounges.

The top spots to eat and relax on Long Street are well-listed by Cape Town Travel.Couples Travel Agency in Kansas City


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