Cruise ships are starting to plan voyages after a long hiatus due to Covid-19. Whether you are an avid cruiser or someone who has never been on a cruise before, packing and planning can be overwhelming. This is why at Destination Fun Travel, one of the top vacation services in Overland Park, we have put together a list of things travelers by sea have found helpful and things you should just leave at home.

Although every cruise line does vary its policies, there are some policies that are generally the same across the board. Your Overland Park travel agency will have a more detailed list when you book with whichever cruise line you choose.

Know the Restrictions of Your Cruise Line

Although there are usually fewer restrictions on a cruise ship than a plane, there are still some things to know. Items including weapons of any kind, drugs, or illegal substances in many areas should be left at home.

The rule of thumb from one of our top travel agents in Overland Park is if you can’t bring it onto a plane, chances are you can’t bring it onto a ship, except for shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and lotions. Typically, you cannot bring your own drinks onto a ship that includes water bottles; however, bringing a refillable water bottle is always a good idea.

Unlike getting stopped by the TSA, most cruise lines will hold your items for you to give back to you once you return from your trip. Bringing these things could result in them being put in quarantine for the duration of the trip and slow down the loading process.


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Bring a Variety of Clothing Options

Many people struggle with figuring out exactly how to pack for a cruise. This is because there are various activities that all need different wear. Such as, if you choose to dine in the dining room, you will need to adhere to their dress code which is often a dress for women and a collared shirt for men. You cannot show up to the dining room in a swimsuit and a coverup after a day out on the water.

Extra Swimsuits

If you are doing a tropical cruise, then it’s important you bring a new swimsuit for each day. Most people do not consider that you spend a significant amount on your swimsuit while on a cruise. You don’t want to wake up and put on a cold and wet swimsuit that hasn’t dried.

Durable Footwear

Bring sturdy tennis shoes for walking on uneven surfaces. You’ll need these in case you do an excursion, work out in the gym, or walk the decks for exercise. Many travel agents in Overland Park say their clients are surprised at how much walking they do in a day while on a cruise.

Multipurpose Clothing

Many swimsuit coverups can double as a dress and as a coverup. Cutting back on excess packing and bringing items like this that can serve a dual purpose.

Find Out What Is and What Isn’t included with the Price of the Cruise

There is nothing worse than boarding a ship with the idea you have unlimited activities and drinks to find out later that each cocktail is 20 dollars. Find out what things are important to have and double-check the pricing. Your travel agent in Overland Park might suggest buying these additional items upfront to save you time and money once onboard.

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