It is important to understand what an excellent group trip entails for each individual.  There will be people in your group that want to plan out every detail and each day of travel.  Likewise, there will be people that want to see where the journey takes them and may just want to float through each day.  There will be people who want to tour the city and see popular locations, others may want to go off the beaten path and see non-tourist type locations.  Making everyone feel like they get an enjoyable travel experience while enjoying it as a group takes some skill and experience.  At Destination Fun Travel, the best group travel agency in Overland Park, we know how to plan to make everyone in your group happy.

Express your likes and dislikes

Taking some time to sit down and express your travel style with the group is essential. Discussing clear trip expectations, budget, likes, and dislikes is crucial to see that everyone is on the same page and gets to experience a wonderful trip.

Information Sharing

While traveling with the group, it’s a given that most people have researched the destination and found things that are appealing.  By sharing this information with the group, you might find others interested in the same things.  This can result in group discounts on activities and can save you money on your trip.  It’s also fun to be able to experience new adventures with others. Doing activities as a group ensures all bases are covered and the experience goes smoothly.

Your Bucket List Items

Everyone has that one special experience they have to do while traveling.  It could be seeing a sight, eating at a particular restaurant, or trying a new adventure.

When planning a trip, suggest activities that flow well with the trip as a whole.  Taking days to backtrack or spending more money because you plan it on the wrong day can add up for a group.  By choosing one of the best travel agents in Overland Park, Destination Fun Travel, we can organize your group’s bucket list items to make sure everyone can check it off their list efficiently and at the best price.

best group travel agency in Overland Park

Assign Particular Tasks to Each Group Member

As you plan the trip, you will start recognizing what group member is best at certain tasks. Planning details, managing money, interpretation of language, and coordinating transportation are all important responsibilities that should be given to a point person while on vacation.

Don’t Over Plan

Remember, some people prefer not to be scheduled the whole time and enjoy having time to explore independently.  It’s important to have a plan but also stay flexible.  Something might take longer than you planned and having space in the schedule to accommodate this keeps everyone relaxed during the trip.

Time Apart is Okay

Spending every activity together isn’t necessary.  People have different energy levels and ideas, especially while on vacation.  It’s okay to have breakfast together and then break away for the day to enjoy different activities.  It’s fun to share the broad experiences with each other later. Just remember to check in occasionally, which makes the group experience fun and keeps everyone safe.  Remember, it’s okay to have time apart, too, appreciating each other’s different interests.

best group travel agency in Overland Park

Remain Flexible

Whenever you travel, there is always bound to be plot twists.  Remaining flexible and allowing for changes in plans is essential.  People can get sick or change their minds about travel and what they want to do in the middle of a trip, so it’s a good idea to have another plan in your head if things change.  Travel agents in Overland Park can try to minimize these small inconveniences ahead of time.

Group Discounts

One of the significant benefits of traveling in a group is the discounts.  Look at what sightseeing or attractions most of the group wants to take in and look up group discount options.  This can save lots of money throughout a trip.  You can also ask a group travel agency in Overland Park, like Destination Fun Travel, for advice on group rates for your location.

best group travel agency in Overland Park

Hiring Destination Fun Travel, a group travel agency Overland Park, is essential to organizing a stress-free trip.  Coordinating for a group, including all the tiny details of travel, can be a difficult task.  Our professionals at Destination Fun Travel can take all the stress out of planning so you can enjoy your travel experience.


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