Destination weddings continue to grow in popularity, but why? At Destination Fun Travel, a premier destination wedding travel agency in Overland Park, we know there are many factors that might lead you to explore a destination wedding. We’ve listed just a few of those reasons below. 


Destination Wedding Travel Agency in Overland Park Destination Weddings are Affordable 


Weddings can be very costly, and many people think that destination weddings cost more, but really when you weigh the costs, you might actually save money compared to a traditional wedding. By the time you book a venue, pay for tables, linens, flowers, etc., you can already be well above the budget of a destination wedding. When you allow a luxury travel agent in Overland Park to handle the details, you can select a package of things you want and let the all-inclusive location do the rest!  


Many people that go to a wedding end up booking a hotel anyway, so why not have everyone stay at a location together? That way you can actually enjoy all your closest friends and family, have fun, and leave all the details of the wedding to skilled professionals. 


It Provides an Excuse for a Small Guest List 


Destination weddings are definitely smaller in comparison to traditional weddings. Only your closest family and friends will make an effort to take off work and plan for a trip, so it’s a great way to politely weed down your guest list to those who are most important to you. 


destination wedding travel agency in Overland Park


Your Wedding Photos Will Be Exquisite! 


Whether your destination wedding is in the mountains, by the beach, or any other location you choose, the images will be absolutely stunning. Your wedding is a moment you will remember and cherish for a lifetime, so to have pictures that capture this wonderful event in a beautiful setting will be great to have framed on the wall of your home for years to come. At Destination Fun Travel, one of the premier Overland Park travel agencies, we can help you pick the perfect location to fit any couple. 


A Destination Wedding Provides an Expression of the Couple 


The couple getting married often has dreams of what their wedding will look like or where it will be based on their individual interests. If the couple likes to hike, maybe they would like a wedding on a beautiful cliff? Or if they love the beach, maybe a barefoot wedding in front of the ocean is a great option? Whatever the couple desires, it can be possible with the help of a destination wedding travel agency in Overland Park, like Destination Fun Travel. 


destination wedding travel agency in Overland Park 

Destination Fun Travel is a great place to find a luxury travel agent in Overland Park. Our office is located just a short drive south in neighboring Louisburg, and one of our Overland Park travel agents can help you plan and book your dream destination wedding. We plan all the little details, so you can really enjoy your big day with your partner and your closest family and friends. 


We understand that this moment is one of the most important of your life, and we are dedicated to making it truly wonderful! Call our Louisburg office today at (913) 224-4343 or visit our website to find out more about what we can offer for your next getaway.