Why Use a Travel Agent?

I often get asked that question, and I love to visit with people about the importance of using a travel agent.

First, a good travel agent really doesn’t sell anything, but rather they help you buy wisely.  Travel agents save you time, can save you money, and provide insights on the travel logistics of your trip.  Travel agents have access to numerous travel partners and suppliers.  Not only do travel agents have competitive prices, but they also have expertise as they book travel all day every day.  They know the tricks and traps, and they are continually training in the ever so changing world of travel.  Travel agents are connected to the wholesalers, resorts, cruise lines, etc., and they know the ins and outs.  They know which travel suppliers to use and which to avoid.  A good travel agent welcomes clients to do their own research and come to them with questions.  They may agree with their choices, or they may make suggestions and offer advice and guidance to enhance the clients travel experiences.  Many travel agents are specialized in a particular area or destination and know that area inside and out.

A good travel agent will help fit client’s to the best properties for their needs.  They want to be sure that they are booking a couple that wants to get away and relax to a quieter, more relaxing resort.  Likewise, if they have a bunch of young lively adults, they will want to book them to a resort with a lot of activities.  If they have a client with mobility issues, they want to book them at a property that does not have stairs or a lot of elevation. For children with autism, there are resorts that have programs specifically for autistic families.  Travel agents often go the extra mile to personally inspect properties for clients.  It’s important for travel agents to have firsthand experience see the resorts, pools, beach, rooms, spa, restaurants, etc., so they can help clients find the right resort for them.  Travel agents often know the ins and outs of a destination or package or when the chartered flights operate.  And, some of the wholesalers that travel agents use offer 24 hour customer support for clients.  This can be priceless in case they need assistance when traveling as there is a wholesaler number that they can call to have someone personally assist them.

If you don’t have a good travel agent, there are just so many reasons to find one.  If you do have a good travel agent, recommend them to a friend!  The agency will thank you for it.

Megan Hill