If you are planning a trip to the beach or a trip to Europe, there are some packing principles that everyone should know. It will save you money in airline fees to pack appropriately, but it could also save you from being without key items that you will need. Taking time to plan out what you really need, with the help of our vacation services in Overland Park will also save you time. Proper packing will keep you from fumbling through an overpacked bag and allow you to grab something quickly instead.

Know the Climate and Weather Forecast for Your Destination

It’s a good idea to research the climate for whatever area you’re traveling to. Is it sizzling all the time? Or is it only hot during the day? If it’s cool in the evening, this means packing a light sweater will save you from freezing when you are trying to enjoy a nice dinner.

Does it rain a lot? Is the climate dry? Packing a rain jacket or poncho might save you days of walking around in wet clothes or having to pay a high premium for a rain jacket abroad. Do some research or ask your Overland Park travel agency about your area so you can start planning.

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According the best Overland Park Travel agents, Have One Easily Accessible Bag

Many people make the mistake of packing everything into one big bag. However, this will prevent you from moving seamlessly through airports and in transit to your destination. There are items that will need to be available to immediate access, including:

  • IDs and Passports
  • Medications including Tylenol or antacids
  • Cash and credit cards
  • Sunglasses and reading glasses
  • Water bottle
  • Snacks in case of delays or missed meals due to travel
  • Sanitary napkins
  • Disinfectant

Stick to Essentials with Just a Few Extra Items to Enhance Your Wardrobe

For instance, stick to the same color palette so that you can wear the same shoes each day instead of packing your luggage with multiple pairs of shoes. Mix and match items are usually what people stick to when they are traveling. Grab one sweater that will go with several outfits. That way, if it’s cold in the evening, you can use that sweater each night. Blacks, greys, and whites go with everything and can be interchanged if there is a spill or the weather changes. To add some flair, try packing a scarf with a pop of color or a change of jewelry to switch things up.

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