Booking a luxury travel trip used to be for only the elite of society. Boy, have times changed! It’s possible for many people to book luxury travel with a luxury travel agency in Overland Park. What is luxury travel, you ask? It’s about getting the best service for the money. When you book a trip, so much of your money goes toward arbitrary fees. When you book a luxury vacation, you save more on fees freeing up your money to go towards luxury experiences that you might enjoy. An example might be saving money on a flight by booking an unpopular time, or you might be able to upgrade to first class and get that glass of wine you enjoy if you’re on a flight with fewer people. Here are some other great tips on how to travel in luxury on your next trip:

Take Advantage of Loyalty Programs

If you travel frequently, it’s a good idea to stick with one company and enjoy the benefits of being a member. This can include everything from free companion passes, complimentary drinks, or priority service. Who wants to wait in line when you can bypass the line and settle in right away? When you book a flight with a travel agent in Overland Park, you have access to some of these benefits that will help your next trip feel more luxurious.

luxury travel agency in Overland Park

Read the Reviews

There are so many people like you that love to travel. They do an excellent job of leaving reviews, so you know what to expect from a hotel, restaurant, or excursion. They also leave helpful tips on what to avoid or include in your next trip. When you book with a luxury travel agency in Overland Park, like Destination Fun Travel, you will be working with an agent that has a good track record and history with various travel-related companies and is familiar with the perks that are included that you may not get when booking independently.

Choose Smaller Hotels Instead of Large Name Hotels

Large hotels are often overbooked and understaffed. This leads to a deficit in customer service and the quality of the accommodations. It is often better to book at a smaller hotel or inn that has fewer guests and focuses more on luxury service. You will also have a higher likelihood of getting to know the staff and developing a more personal feel during your stay.  Overland Park travel agents, like those at Destination Fun Travel, have lots of experience with many top destinations and know which locations provide all the luxuries you are looking for.

luxury travel agency in Overland Park

Destination Fun Travel, a luxury travel agency in Overland Park, knows that traveling with premium accommodations and high-quality customer service is key to having a fantastic, memory-filled trip. We are a Sandals® Agency in Overland Park offering numerous options when it comes to travel and creating a unique experience for all ages. Give us a call at 913.244.4343 or contact us online to get in touch with one of our Overland Park travel agents today.