Traveling is such a fun pastime that has quickly gained speed. Covid-19 put a halt on travel for a while, but now many people are vacationing once again. With more technology being used to make everything touch-free and covid friendly, it’s good to take some time to consider how safe your information is.

Cloud storage of your pictures, locations, credit card information, banking information, and much more is often stored on the cloud even if you don’t realize it. Travel agencies in Overland Park understand the genuine danger of fraud associated with traveling. At Destination Fun Travel, we have some tips to keep your information safe when you travel.

Put a password on your phone and allow for tracking in case it gets stolen.

Less than half of people that have a smartphone have a password on their phones. This means that anyone that can get ahold of your phone will have instant access to private information.

Most companies with tracking devices on their phones allow you to shut down or wipe out all the data. This means if someone steals your phone or you leave it behind, you can instantaneously wipe it clean.  Even if someone gets into your phone, it’s back to factory settings with no data. So, make sure before you travel that you have enabled this feature on your phone.

Leave important documents at home and locked up, unless you need them for travel purposes. 

Sometimes when you are getting married abroad with the help of a destination wedding travel agent in Overland Park, you will need documentation like social security cards, birth certificates, passports, and several other items. This should be the only time you need this kind of documentation.

If you are traveling just for fun, a passport and ID should be all you need. According to top travel agencies in Overland Park, these documents can get stolen or lost, resulting in identity theft.

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Don’t use public Wi-Fi; only connect to a secured connection.

If you connect to just any unsecured network, your phone, laptop, or any mobile device can be hacked and robbed of important information. Instead, travel agencies in Overland Park suggest using a personal hotspot. This is a device you can use as you travel to hook up to the internet while better protecting the information on your portable devices.

Don’t share your location or your travel dates on social media or other sites.

This only leaves your house vulnerable to thieves who know your home is not occupied. It also tells thieves where you are eating and staying along with your daily routine while traveling. Travel agents in Overland Park recommend that you don’t make this information public.

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At Destination Fun Travel, we understand traveling comes with a few dangers but are committed to helping our clients be prepared and minimize risks so they can focus on creating beautiful memories to last a lifetime. Give us a call at (913) 244-4343 or visit our website to learn more about our great vacations.

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We look forward to helping you plan your next adventure.