Planning a destination wedding is a big job, but in reality, it doesn’t take much more time than a traditional wedding. There are just some unique things to consider, but a destination wedding travel agent in Overland Park can help. Here are some of the top tips to help you plan the perfect destination wedding.

Find the Perfect Destination

This sounds like a fairly easy task, but it can actually be quite difficult. Make sure you reach out to an expert like a destination wedding travel agent in Overland Park, they will make the process much easier. Imagine where you would like to get married; it could be the mountains, a beach, domestic, foreign, the jungle; the options are endless. It’s also important that you agree with your partner on what the perfect location means.  Some other things to consider when picking a location are, who you want to attend your wedding and are they able to travel to the location you choose.

Pick the Perfect Date with the Help of an Overland Park Travel Agency

It’s important to consider the weather when choosing a date for your big day. Picking a date in the jungle during the hottest season of the year may not be the best idea. Hurricane season, rainy season, and snowstorms are just a few things to consider when you are narrowing down your location options. Be sure to pick a date that works with your timeframe, but also consider the weather and other people’s ability to travel to that location.

Think About What You Will Get Married In

Think about your dress or suit. This might seem like an obvious consideration, but if you see yourself in a sleeveless slip dress in the snow in the mountains, this might not be a great combination. You must consider your wedding attire when picking a location so that whatever you see yourself wearing that day, it matches up with the location you choose.

Pick A Wedding Planner You Trust

When you are choosing a wedding planner, make sure and pick one that you trust and has a great reputation. A good wedding planner can assist with details that you may not be able to handle. For example, you want to see your wedding venue ahead of time to make sure it fits all your needs, but you often don’t have that option when you choose a destination wedding. This is why it’s so essential to hire a professional Overland Park Travel Agent that you trust and has a firm idea about precisely what you are looking for.

destination wedding travel agent in Overland Park

Think About Your Guest List

Finalizing the guest list can be difficult, and if you ask a luxury travel agent in Overland Park for advice on your guest list, they will tell you there are two important things.

#1 Many people will not be able to attend.

Some people are afraid to travel, can’t take time off work, or health doesn’t allow it.  This means your guest list will be smaller than if you had a wedding in the city in which you live. 

#2 Invitations need to be sent out well in advance.

You have to send out your invitations well before your big day so people on your guest list can take off work, book hotels, set up travel arrangements, and plan for an extended trip. That’s a lot more planning than a typical Saturday wedding at a local venue.

destination wedding travel agent in Overland Park

At Destination Fun Travel, a premier destination wedding travel agency in Overland Park, we love helping our clients plan their dream weddings. It does take a little different approach than the typical wedding, but the results are well worth the extra efforts to make your dream wedding come true! Whatever your dream is, we can make it a reality.  Leave the details to us!

Give us a call at our Louisburg office today at 913.244.4343 or contact us online to begin the planning process. We will put you in touch with a premier luxury travel agent in Overland Park who will make sure your vision becomes a reality!