Anyone who has planned and participated in a girls’ trip understands that it can go great or be frustrating. This is because often expectations aren’t always communicated about the goal of the trip. Everyone’s budgets, ideas of a fun time, and opinions about being a part of the process should all be considered. Thoughtfully planning your trip can be a lot of fun and low stress, especially when booking with the best Overland Park Travel agent.

Here are a few of the top things to consider when planning your trip with a great group travel agency in Overland Park:

Have a Conversation About Expectations

This is HUGE when planning a big trip because it really sets the tone for everything. Is everyone looking for an adventure to go out and explore and feel alive again? Could everyone want to have a retreat-style trip where they sit by the ocean with cocktails and just relax with their feet up? Do your friends want to venture out and explore with a backpack and a map? Does everyone want to be at a resort enjoying amenities? There are so many options for traveling; therefore, knowing what everyone wants to get out of the trip can help you set the tone and get everyone on the same page. This is where an Overland Park travel agency can really be a good resource.

Pick A Place with a Wide Range of Options

Once you have a good idea of expectations, you can now focus on finding the right location to give everyone a little bit of what they are looking for. If you have a mixed group of activity levels, it’s a good idea to find a place that has a variety. Consider booking with a travel agency in Overland Park since they have great ideas based on their experience.

Group Travel Agency in Overland Park

Some locations offer a laid-back type of trip, such as private beaches. Or, you can choose an inclusive Sandals® resort package in Overland Park. Some locations might have some excursion offerings off the resort that are more adventurous. As a top travel agency in Overland Park, our team at Destination Fun Travel recommends doing the things that the group will enjoy as a whole.

Pick a Budget Everyone Agrees On

You will inevitably have one friend who has a different budget than the rest of the group. This can often be an uncomfortable topic for many, but it is necessary to discuss it upfront. You don’t want a friend frustrated the whole time because everything is way out of budget. However, you don’t want your other friends feeling like they aren’t getting the experience they want either because of that one friend.

Have the budget conversation upfront on what things will cost and what the expectation is. This way, people can decide what they are comfortable with from the beginning and avoid certain activities if they’re not within their budget.

group travel agency in Overland Park

At Destination Fun Travel, a leading group travel agency in Overland Park, we understand all the details and planning that go into a fun girls’ travel experience and want to help you plan the perfect trip. Creating memories and trying new experiences with your friends are what dreams are made of.

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