As a leading travel agency in Overland Park, Destination Fun Travel has the details on all things vacation shopping.  Whether it’s in the United States or abroad, there are some things you should be aware of during your next trip to an out-of-town retailer.

If you are shopping in a foreign country, it is always best to know the exchange rate and plan accordingly to have the right kind of currency.  Otherwise, you may find yourself overpaying for a lot of items.  Also, when shopping in a store, you can typically pay with a credit card, but street vendors often have lower prices and only take paper currency.

Speaking of credit cards, be sure to contact the issuing bank for the card you’ll be traveling with on your journey. As a leading travel agency in Overland Park, Destination Fun Travel, always recommends obtaining a credit card with a chip in it if you plan to use it abroad.

Small vendors, restaurants, taxis, and gas stations no longer accept credit cards without a chip.  Make sure and keep a small amount of cash and a credit card when you travel around towns or cities so that you don’t find yourself stuck without the proper payment.  As a premier travel Agency in Overland Park, Destination Fun Travel has made a list of essential details when considering vacation purchases.

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  • If you pick it up, don’t plan on putting it back- Vendors see this simple act as a commitment to buy and engage in haggling.
  • Haggling is a huge part of most countries and cultures in how they buy and sell items.  Everything is negotiable. Overland park Travel Agencies suggest doing some research on different countries norms when it comes to haggling.
  • If you plan on purchasing breakable items or liquids, be sure and bring proper packing materials to ensure you get your items home safely.  Better yet, you can have them shipped directly to your house to avoid flying home with breakables or liquids.

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When it comes to things like food, shopping, or entertainment, the locals know all the best spots. Most economies thrive on tourism, and most locals are happy to help.

When purchasing souvenirs, make sure and consider weight limits for flights home, and consider if you have room in your luggage before you buy.  Otherwise, you may have purchased an item that you are unable to get back home.

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At Destination Fun Travel, we area a trusted travel agency in Overland Park, and will help you plan the perfect vacation and take all the headaches out of all the prep work for your trip. Contact our team today at 913-244-4343 to start planning your next memorable getaway.