An Overland Park Travel Agency Gives Tips for Traveling with Your Pet—It turns out that many Americans want to take their pet along with them on their vacations. In fact, recent surveys show over half of Americans want to take along Fido or Flopsy when traveling. In fact, a surprising number of people even have a special music playlist for their pets. A travel agent in Overland Park reveals that many people prepare to take trips by first researching hotels and places they can go that is pet friendly.

If you just can’t bear to say goodbye to your pet for even a week, our Overland Park travel agency will come to the rescue.

Our Overland Park Travel Agency Recommends Starting at the Vet

Just as you have to make sure you are okay to travel, your pet should be too. Ask your vet if your pet is good to travel. If you have a highly anxious pet, this travel agent in Overland Park says maybe this is a no-go. You may need to rethink where you are going. Please make sure all their vaccinations are in place and that you have proper documentation.


At the very least, your pet needs more than a playlist. Make sure you have a well-labeled collar with its name and contact information. Vets advise microchipping. Our Overland Park travel agency advises having this done before you travel.


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Stock Up

Ensure you have your pet’s food, treats, and medications so you don’t find yourself without the things you need at your travel destination.

Buckle up

Your goal is to be safe and make sure that your pet is comfortable, so a travel agent in Overland Park advises that animals should never roam around your vehicle if you are traveling by car or van. Secure them in a carrier just like people.

When Pigs Fly

Do not think that you are going to slip your darling doggy on the plane with you. Various rules depend on the airline, weight requirements, size requirements, and type of animals. You cannot just show up at the airport with an animal. You have to make reservations for your pet. Make sure you work with an Overland Park travel agency to help you with the details.




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