Vacationing with kids can be so much fun, but it can be very stressful and full of chaos if not planned properly. At Destination Fun Travel, the best Overland Park travel agency, we have provided a collection of ideas on how to keep your kids occupied and happy during a family vacation.


  1. Keep sitting and driving to a minimum. We all know kids do not like to sit for long periods. So, providing times where they can run out their energy in-between stops is essential. You can do this by creating space in your itinerary. When you don’t feel rushed to get on the road or get to the next stop at a specific time, you can actually take a moment to enjoy your children, and it will help with the stress level.

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  1. Travel during low traffic times of the year. Destination Fun Travel, the best Overland Park travel agency, suggests traveling when it may not be the most popular time for others to be on the road. In addition, many tourist attractions are really busy and pricey during their peak periods such as summer and school breaks. Sometimes, just by going a week before or after these periods, your vacation price and stress level can go down significantly.


  1. Overland Park travel agents suggest choosing kid-friendly locations. This seems like a no-brainer, but many non-experienced travelers plan trips that are not exactly kid friendly once they get to their location. Kid-friendly restaurants, hotels, and activities are vital to keeping kids happy and entertained.


  1. Don’t over pack your schedule. We understand the idea that you want to see everything that a city or region offers, but if it comes at the expense of stressed and tired kids and parents, it is not worth it. Plan a range of activities and rate the ones that you have to do; and then make secondary picks, which are activities you would like to do but aren’t a necessity. This helps to keep the agenda fun flowing but without the stress.


  1. Plan ahead of time for your family’s routine, that’s what our Overland Park travel agents suggest. For instance, if you have a child that naps in the afternoon, maybe planning a large family outing during that time might be a bad idea. Planning morning activities, with a relaxing afternoon time, might be the better choice.

best Overland Park travel agency

At Destination Fun Travel, the best Overland Park Travel Agency, we know how to plan for children and people of all ages. Planning a family vacation takes a lot of coordination, and we can take the stress out of planning your next family vacation. Give us a call at 913-244-4343 or visit our website to get a quote.