Packing tips for the Perfect Suitcase

Are you looking for tips for packing for your next vacation?  Here is some great advice about packing the perfect suitcase!  First, be sure that you carry on any essential items that you need immediately.  When packing, think about the items that you could not live without if your suitcase was lost, such as prescription medication, a swimsuit, a coverup that could also be worn as an outfit too, flip flops, etc. You will want to put these items in your carry-on bag.

As far as valuable items such as jewelry or a watch, etc., I would first recommend to not travel with them.   However, if you must, be sure you do not pack any valuable items in your checked luggage, and be sure to pack them in your carry-on bag.

Next, if you are traveling with others, it is always a good idea to pack a few items in each other’s suitcases.  This is useful if one person loses their luggage, then each of you has a few items that you can wear and use.  So, you can both still enjoy your vacation until the lost luggage arrives at your destination.  It is also a great idea to take a photo of your checked luggage before you check them in at the airport.  Just in case your luggage is lost or if there is damage to your suitcase, you have a photo and will be able to give a perfect description of it to the airline. packing-tips-for-the-perfect-suitcase

Of course, be sure you know the TSA rules for items such as having liquids in 3 oz. or smaller containers, etc. and take them in a quart-size baggie in your carry-on luggage.  For items larger than 3 oz., you will want to put them in a gallon-size baggie and in your checked luggage.  Don’t forget the baggie, as with the cabin pressure change, liquids can sometimes leak.  If your items are in a baggie, it will hopefully protect your clothes and other items in your checked luggage.  It’s never fun to arrive and have sunscreen all over clothes!

Packing Cubes

Another tip that I love is Packing Cubes.  These are a wonderful invention for travelers.  I use packing cubes and organize my packing cubes with similar items.  These cubes keep items compact and organized and save space in the suitcase.  I also recommend a travel bag (I use my beach bag) to put toiletries in, which I can easily unpack in the bathroom upon arrival, and then I have my beach bag ready for the pool!  Be sure to still use baggies when packing your toiletry items, even in your beach bag, just in case something does leak!

Once you put the cubes in the suitcase and your beach bag of toiletry items, you can fill in the sides and cracks with your shoes.  Be sure to not take too many shoes, and you want to take the most comfortable ones.  There is nothing worse than walking a lot with uncomfortable shoes.  And, fashion is not as important when traveling, so it’s okay if you wear a black dress with a pair of gold shoes.  I take one pair of dress shoes, a pair of tennis shoes, a pair of sandals and/or flip flops.  These will fit nicely on the sides and in the cracks of your suitcase.  Also, be sure to pack lots of layers of clothing, so you will be comfortable with the changing temperatures.

And lastly, my personal preference when packing is to take my hanging up items on hangers.  Yes, I pack hangers in my suitcase, and they are the very last item that I put in the suitcase.  I fold the hanging items altogether, as nicely as possible, and then zip up the bag.  Thus, when you arrive at your destination, you take out your hanging items and hang them up.  You then take out your toiletry items, unpack your shoes, and put your cubes in the drawers.  One can honestly unpack in just a couple of minutes!  You will then be able to grab your beach bag, head to the pool, and start enjoying your long-awaited vacation!

So, for your next vacation, I hope these tips help you pack the best suitcase ever!  Happy travels!