Our Overland Park Travel Agency Discusses Where to Go to Drink Ice Wine — Are you a wine connoisseur? Is that what you want to use our Overland Park travel agency for? How about ice wine? Is that even a ting? It is! Do not let winter stop you from traveling and enjoying wine harvesting season. There are two ways and many places to go to bring in the New Year and have a little wine while you’re at it.

You could saddle up and use Destination Fun Travel, one of the top vacation services in Overland Park, to book you some travels into the southern hemisphere. That is where standard vineyard harvests take place.

Or you can do something completely different and embrace winter with the help of our Overland Park travel agency and try the one very special wine that winter creates.

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Our Overland Park Travel Agency Talks Ice Wine

Ice wine is a case of making lemonade when life undoubtedly just gave you lemons. When winter conditions are just right, grapes freeze right on the vine. This gives wineries the opportunity to make ice wine.

What makes it so special? When grapes are still on the vine as the temperatures turn to freezing, it’s only the water content in the grapes that freezes – not the sugar or other solids. So, the small amount of juice extracted from the frozen grapes is very concentrated.

For natural ice wine, grapes must fully ripen on the vine, then undergo a hard freeze (−8 °C (17 °F) or colder). It’s risky business. Grapes can be lost before harvest, and then the moment it freezes, pickers have to work at night harvesting all the grapes in a few hours before the sun warms them up again at dawn. Crazy right?

It is a once in a lifetime opportunity. The wine made from this process is sweet yet distinct and can only be produced in limited quantities. If you want to try it, you can only travel to certain parts of the world to get it. D.F.T., one of the top vacation services in Overland Park, is here to help.Overland Park Travel Agency

Our Overland Park Travel Agency Discusses Old World

Head off to a Eiswein tasting trip and a winter ski trip in Europe to try some real ice wine from the Nuremberg region of Germany. This sweet wine was discovered as a happy accident in the 1800’s after a bad winter. The wine is called “Eiswein,” and weather conditions have persisted over decades and made it a regular thing in Germany.

Our Overland Park Travel Agency Discusses New World

While this is much newer to the Canadians, Niagara wine achieves ice levels of freezing each year. Visit Superstar Canada, the world’s largest ice wine maker. Across the border of the great lakes, you can actually attend the local ice wine festival. Sometimes you can even take part in the midnight grape picking, just as they freeze on the vine. This is a bucket list item for people who love wine.

If you are interested in an ice wine tour or another item on your bucket list for 2023, contact our Overland Park travel agency and we will get you ready for your next adventure whether that is ice wine or ice skating.

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