An Overland Park Travel Agency Recommends 4 More of the Most “Christmassy” Towns to Visit in the US — In our last blog we named 4 of our favorite spots to visit for the holiday season. Good news, we’ve added 4 more festive hot spots in part two of our blog series! As one of the top Overland Parks travel agencies, here are our recommendations of places to visit to get you in the holiday spirit!

Our Overland Park Travel Agency Recommends: Newport Beach, California

It actually does not snow here. In fact, it would take a Christmas anomaly – or some back-room deal between Mother Nature and Father Time – to have it snow at the beach. Nonetheless, one of the staples of Christmas has been the annual Boat Parade. In fact, on Dec. 13 through Dec. 17, it will be the 113th annual event in Newport.

The tradition goes back pretty far according to Overland Parks travel agencies. The parade in the harbor is a backwards drive-thru light display. Only the decorated boats drive by the onlookers instead of the other way around.


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Our Overland Park Travel Agency Recommends: Bernville, Pennsylvania (Koziar’s Christmas Village)

William Koziar began decorating his farm for Christmas with holiday lights his home and barn. That was in 1948. Almost seven decades later, after yearly additions to the display, from his neighbors. People began to come to see all the lights, the farm became Koziar’s Christmas Village.

It is very popular now and a drive-thru Christmas light display. As one of the most visited light displays according to  Overland Parks travel agencies in the country, and one of the top 10 tourist attractions in the state of Pennsylvania – a pretty heady achievement given that there are probably 10 great tourist attractions in Philadelphia alone. Visitors who find themselves in love will want to take a romantic walk over The Kissing Bridge.

Our Overland Park Travel Agency Recommends: Durango, Colorado

Durango is such a cool place to be for the Christmas season, including its shopping and winter activities such as skiing and snowboarding. In addition, kids in pajamas line up by the hundreds each night to take a real-life Polar Express steam engine train to visit “the North Pole,” drinking hot cocoa on the journey and singing Christmas carols.


Our Overland Park Travel Agency Recommends: Red Wing, Minnesota

If you are looking for the Christmas spirit, look no further than, Red Wing, Minnesota. They have an annual Holiday Stroll; however, bring your tennis shoes.

The stroll is quite a hike. It is a day-long event that starts with a pancake breakfast at the local Elks Club. The Festival of Wreaths allows people to bid on some of the most amazing Christmas wreaths ever made is shown at the theater midday. There is an ice-sculpting display, cookie-decorating classes, reindeer sleigh rides, a live Nativity scene, a tree-lighting ceremony, a parade, and fireworks to close the night. That is just the beginning of the spirited journey of holiday fun.

Whether you are a Christmas fanatic or just a travel buff, sometimes people just like to travel during the holidays and see new things. Overland Park travel agencies can get you into the holiday spirit. Just get in touch with our Overland Park travel agency today.


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