As a top travel agency in Overland Park, our team at Destination Fun Travel knows that many people enjoy traveling alone. It is a trend that some find fun and is growing in popularity.

Getting away by yourself and having some new experiences is a great way to rejuvenate your body and mind. Meeting some new friends or just avoiding the headaches of coordinating a group trip can be freeing.

If you are traveling alone, it can also be a little frightening when you are in a new environment. Our team at Destination Fun Travel has listed some things to remember so you can stay safe while traveling by yourself.

Trust Your Instincts

If something doesn’t seem right while on your getaway; chances are, you’re probably correct. If you are in an environment where you feel uneasy and start to see red flags, it’s a good idea to find the nearest exit.

Do not worry about offending someone or hurting anyone’s feelings. Your safety is a priority, and you can always come back and have a conversation with someone once the danger has passed or the situation becomes less uncomfortable.

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Minimize Phone Use in Public and Be Aware of Your Surroundings

So many of us immediately reach for our phones when uncomfortable in a social setting. As a top travel agency in Overland Park, our team at Destination Fun Travel knows that phone use is a surefire way to become distracted and not know your surroundings. Here’s some important phone use tips when visiting a busy area:

  • Don’t wear earbuds and listen to music. If you must, try wearing only one and alternating ears.
  • Hide your cash away where it isn’t seen easily and spread it out into different areas, like your purse, pant pockets, or jacket.
  • Be careful wearing jewelry or carrying expensive accessories, like purses, while walking in busy areas.
  • Keep your head upright and look people in the eye. If you are looking away, you leave yourself vulnerable to thieves.

Don’t Overdrink, Watch Over Your Glass

It’s so easy when you are on vacation and relaxing to indulge just a little too much. There are some people who look to prey on those who are not of a sound mind. Travel agencies in Overland Park suggest that if you want to have a few glasses of wine, get a bottle to go, and enjoy from the balcony of your hotel to ensure your safety.

It’s also important that you watch your drink closely if you are out. It’s never safe to set it down and use the restroom and leave it unattended. Doing so makes it easy for someone to slip something into your drink. A travel agent in Overland Park is a great person to consult with to discuss crime rates at popular travel destinations.

Travel is exciting, fun, and safe for solo and group travelers alike. With just a few small adjustments to your routine, it will make most locations perfect for a solo getaway. Make sure to reach out to your Overland Park travel agent for specific tips and tricks regarding the area you plan on visiting.

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At Destination Fun Travel, we are an individual or group travel agency in Overland Park. Our goals is to make travel safe, fun, and accessible to everyone. We love to do the planning so you can travel with no worries.

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