So, you and your family have everything booked, thanks to your Overland Park travel agency, now all that’s left to do is pack and get to the airport on time!  To make your getaway as enjoyable as possible, it is critical to make a list of things you need for your trip.   

As one of the premier Overland Park travel agenciesDestination Fun Travel has compiled a list of items commonly neglected or forgotten when preparing for a vacation.  These include:

  • Passport and Driver’s License
  • Cell Phone Charger
  • Tablet
  • Snacks
  • Disposable Masks
  • Clothes for all Conditions

Passport and Driver’s License 

All flights require identification, and if you are traveling internationally, a passport is a must.  Travel agencies in Overland Park recommend that you get your passport well in advance of any planned trip and if you already have a passport, be sure to check the expiration date.  While you’re at it, check your driver’s license expiration date also. 

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Cell Phone Charger 

We use our cell phones for everything, but a cell phone without power is just an expensive paperweight.  Overland Park travel agents recommend bringing chargers for every situation when you are vacationing 

  • Wall Charger: Charge your phone while you’re in your hotel room   
  • Car Charger: Take advantage of time in the car, keep your phone fully-charged 
  • Power BankIf you’ll be outside all day, these are a great option, especially if you’ll be taking lots of pictures and videos 


When traveling with kids, a tablet or an iPad might be the biggest lifesaver of all.  Keep your children occupied with games and videos while you’re on the road or in the air.  Travel agencies in Overland Park also recommend a set of headphones for each child to ensure you are not bothering others on your flight.  

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Depending on the length of your flight or road-trip, you and your family are bound to get hungry.  Pre-packaged snacks like granola bars, fruit snacks, or other treats are a fun little perk of being on vacation, so be sure to pack a few of those to make sure your commute times are a little more enjoyable. 

Clothes for all Conditions 

Check the weekly forecast for your travel destination and any cities along the way.  You may need shorts and a t-shirt one day, raingear the next day, and jacket for the nightlife.  You can also heck to see if there are laundry facilities on-site so you know just how much to pack. 

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Disposable Masks 

Covid-19 continues to impact our entire world, so be sure you are prepared for mask enforcement rules wherever you go.  Overland Park travel agencies recommend bringing a box of disposable masks for your trip since you may not have time to wash your reusable masks while on vacation.  You want your vacation to be enjoyable, but most importantly, you want everyone to be safe and healthy for the duration of the trip.

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If you need help planning your next family getaway talk to the premier Overland Park travel agencyDestination Fun Travel.  Our team will assist you in planning a vacation that you will remember forever.  Whether it’s anything from a simple road trip to a Sandals® resort package in Kansas City, contact Destination Fun Travel for all your vacation needs!